Budagov, master producer, and composer had great influence over the formation of Israeli rock music from its birth in the seventies all the way to today. He has been intimately involved with the Israeli music industry throughout the last three decades. Budagov is one of the most influential musicians and one of the leaders among guitar players in the country. He has been both a producer and performing musician on thousands of albums that were made with the best artists of his time.

Born in 1955 in Tel Aviv, he spent his youth in a house in which music was the focus of the family. His father has been, and still is, one of the most talented Tar players.

Ever since he was young, Budagov stood out as a talented and outstanding musician. When he was ten years old he decided to devote himself to music and to study to play the guitar. He bought his first guitar with funds he earned while putting in extra effort working after school hours.

Throughout his professional career, spanning over 35 years, Budagov gained much knowledge about guitar construction, including the selection of the appropriate types of wood materials used in the production of the instrument.
He has also established many contacts with the best manufacturers of musical instruments worldwide.

These contacts brought Budagov to fulfill an old dream, producing guitars, amplifiers and accessories according to his high standards and marketing them to the public. His biggest ambition was to create the ultimate guitar that combines superb sound in a large variety of styles that could satisfy the needs of many types of players.

In order to reach the target and achieve his goal Budagov contacted the best manufacturers who could produce "Budagov" guitars according to his rigid requirements. These same manufacturers also produce guitars for the most well known brands in the world.

To further fulfill his dream, a special building, in the same area that Budagov spent his childhood, was chosen to host his music center. The center is located at 10 Yeudith Blvd. The center was designed in a special, more intimate and comfortable style which is different from other stores in the city. In his new concept music center, unique activities will take place for young people who seek to further knowledge and performance of music. A music school will soon be opened in the building.

Interesting Fact: A short time ago, Budagov was chosen to represent Israeli players in the "2000 cyclopedia" under the term "GUITAR".


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